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Most women know what they want in a guy. I know I do. Sometimes every little detail is just hard to find, but when you do. You do everything you can to keep him. You love him with all the love in your body. I found that guy - Josvany. He’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a guy: handsome, smart, talented, nerdy, loving, beautiful luscious hair, caring, clingy - the good kind though - AND HE COOKS FOOD.
..BUT there’s one problem, he’s also everything I don’t want in a guy: smart(ass), messy, too much hair in some places (i.e. His legs), annoying, controlling, jealous, and lazy.
Lately, I have been questioning my love for him…
The result:
Yes, he pisses me off more than anyone ever can, and he makes me angrier than I’ve ever been… But everything that pisses me off about him makes me love him more. His flaws even kind of are not flaws at all. They’re perfect imperfections. Because all in all, Everyone has their flaws or perfect imperfections, everyone is different. Everyone does something to one another to piss someone off. Everyone gets mad by somebody, you can’t live your life not being with the one you love because they do something you don’t like a few times. Especially if they’re everything you’ve ever wanted. You love them for their flaws and all..
you never give up … he could do anything and I would still love him to death. Because my love for him is unconditional.
and I’m nothing without him

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